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I attended two online seminar events at zoom which is talked about recently.
It was so fun!

I have some companies which I want to work.
My current goal is that I work together people who have a common sense of ethics.
How do you judge sense of ethics? In my opinion, a person who does not say hatze speech in everyday conversation.
What is Hate? When does it become hate speech? In case someone has same opinions about this, I want to be with the one.

Since I have no choice but to raise my level to avoid such an environment, I am making every effort to create a portfolio. People in the WEB industry are actively post on SNS, so there are lots of things that I can observe or guess what the person's personality is like from one's sentences. In addition, study groups are a good opportunities not only to broaden my horizons, but also to hear the actual voices of CEO or director.


Ich habe an zwei Online-Seminarveranstaltungen bei zoom teilgenommen, über die kürzlich gesprochen wurde.
Es war so lustig!


J'ai assisté à deux séminaires en ligne sur zoom dont on parle récemment.
Je me suis bien amusée!


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